Bulgogi Sangchu Ssam (bulgogi in loose leaf lettuce rolls)

ssam style


Bulgogi is probably one of the best known Korean beef dishes. Adding Ssam style ingredients takes this wonderful dish to a whole new level.

1 recipe Bulgogi
4 bunch/bundle red leaf lettuce
"sticky" rice
6 cloves garlic
5 fresh jalapeño peppers
Ssam jang
4 Tbs of soybean paste (Korean-doenjang/Japanese-Miso)
4 Tbs medium ground red chili powder
1 tsp sugar
2 green/spring onion
4 cloves garlic
1 Tbs of sesame seeds
1/2 Tbs of sesame oil
1 Tbs rice wine
1 Tbs soy sauce

Prepare Bulgogi as directed in linked recipe.

While marinating:
Mix the Ssam jang
Finely chop the garlic and green onion. In a small mixing bowl, add all Ssam jang ingredients and mix well.
Add a small amount of water if needed to maintain a mixable paste.
Cover and let stand at room temperature for 1 hour.

Separate lettuce leaves, rinse, and drain. Gently pat dry and place on a serving plate.
Thin slice the garlic and peppers, and place in separate small dishes.

Cook the Bulgogi as directed in linked recipe.
Serve with one bowl of rice for each person.

How to Eat
Put one leaf of lettuce in one hand, add a little rice, a piece of bulgogi, some sliced pepper and garlic, a bit of kimchi, and a bit of the Ssam jang. Carefully close your hand, forming the lettuce into a ball around the "stuffing", and eat the whole roll in one bite. A little practice may be needed to get that "one mouth full" size right.

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