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Dip it or Dress it up

Korean condiments can be divided into two main groups: fermented and non-fermented. The former consists of staples such as soy sauce, doenjang, gochujang, vinegar, fish sauce, and various types of jeotgal. On the other hand, non-fermented condiments include red chili powder, chives, scallions, garlic, onions, seasoned flavoring oils, and more. Additionally, there is a newer category emerging known as Korean Fusion which combines traditional ingredients with adopted ones like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise.

Bathe it

Marinades are a way that Koreans have used for centuries to season and tenderize meats, vegetables, fish, and seafood prior to cooking. Foods can be marinated for as short as ten to fifteen minutes and up to several days duration.

Marinades may be sweet, savory, or spicy, or any combination.
seasoned soy sauce

Index of Condiment Recipes

Marinades: Basic Beef Marinade - Basic Marinade for Beef
Condiments: Bibimbap Gochujang Sauce - Gochujang based sauce for Bibimbap
Condiments - "Dragon Breath" Dipping Sauce (Fused) - Recipe for a gochujang based dipping sauce with wasabi, a Korean Fusion condiment
Condiments - Gochujang Fry Sauce (Fused) - Recipe for Gochujang Fry Sauce, a Korean fusion condiment
Condiments - Honey Gochujang Mustard (Fused) - Recipe for Honey Gochujang Mustard, a Korean Fusion condiment
Condiments - Honey Mustard Gochujang Salad Dressing (Fused) - Recipe for Honey Mustard Gochujang Salad Dressing
Condiments - Seasoned Sesame Oil - Chili Pepper - Recipe for Seasoned Sesame Oil with garlic, a Korean condiment
Condiments - Seasoned Sesame Oil - Basic - Recipe for Basic Seasoned Sesame Oil, a Korean condiment
Condiments - Seasoned Sesame Oil - Garlic - Recipe for Seasoned Sesame Oil with garlic, a Korean condiment
Condiments: Ssamjang - Recipe for Ssamjang, a Korean condiment
Condiments - Ssamjang - Restaurant Version - Recipe for Ssamjang, a Korean condiment

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Dried Doraji

Used as an ingredient in our restaurants for more than 20 years. (Canada)

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Must have basic ingredient for cooking Korean spicy dishes

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