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Hannaone's Glossary

The surge in popularity of Korean K-pop and K-Drama has sparked a fascination with Korean Food and Drink among viewers who see it featured on their screens, including the food preferences of beloved Kpop stars. As a result, there is now a widespread desire to sample Korean cuisine. Although it offers a diverse range of culinary delights, obtaining accurate information about Korean food can be challenging for newcomers. Even native Koreans may have trouble describing traditional dishes in languages other than Korean. Additionally, different Korean restaurants often use varying descriptions for the same dish, causing further confusion.

With the help of this glossary, people will hopefully be able to understand some of the Korean food terms, and discover some of its wonders.

Article by Gil "hannaone"
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Kimchi Photos by hannaone

Glossary Items

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Glossary: Acorn Cake | Dotoritteok
Glossary: Acorn Jelly | Dotorimuk
Glossary: Adzuki Bean | Pat
Glossary: Aek Jeot
Glossary: Agwi-jjim
Glossary: Agwi/Monkfish
Glossary: Altang
Glossary: Anju
Glossary: Asian Pear
Glossary: Assorted Pan Fried Delicacies
Glossary: Assorted Side Dishes
Glossary: Bae
Glossary: Baechu
Glossary: Baechu Geotjeori
Glossary: Baechu Kimchi
Glossary: Baechukkoritguk
Glossary: Baek Kimchi
Glossary: Baekseolgi
Glossary: Baesook
Glossary: Bam (Chestnut)
Glossary: Bam-cho
Glossary: Bam-danja
Glossary: Banchan
Glossary: Bokbunja-ju
Glossary: Dubu Buchim
Glossary: Buchu-Jeon
Glossary: Bul Galbi
Glossary: Doraji Namul
Glossary: Acorn | Dotori
Glossary: Dwaeji Galbi Ganjeong
Glossary: Gajeun-yangnyeom
Glossary: Gaktugi
Glossary: Gamja Jorim
Glossary: Gamjatang
Glossary: Garaetteok
Glossary: Gochu
Glossary: Gochujang
Glossary: Godeungeo-gui

Glossary: Haemul Pajeon
Glossary: Hobakjeon
Glossary: Japchae
Glossary: Jeok - Korean Brochette
Glossary: Jidan
Glossary: Jogi
Glossary: Jumulleok Gui
Glossary: Kimchi Jjigae
Glossary: Kkaennip
Glossary: Kkotge
Glossary: Makgeolli
Glossary: Maneuljjong
Glossary: Matchsoon
Glossary: Mekju - Korean Beer
Glossary: Minduelle
Glossary: Oi Jangajji
Glossary: Oi Seon
Glossary: Ojingeo
Glossary: Ojingeo Bokkeum
Glossary: Ojingeochae Bokkeum
Glossary: Omija
Glossary: Pajeon
Glossary: Sikhye
Glossary: Soegogi jeon
Glossary: Sondubu Jjigae
Glossary: Ssukgaetteok
Glossary: Ssuk Injeolmi
Glossary: Ttukbaegi
Glossary: Ueong
Glossary: Ueong Jorim
Glossary: Yakbap
Glossary: Yangnyeom Dwaeji Galbi
Glossary: Yeolmu
Glossary: Yeolmu Kimchi
Glossary: Yeotgireum Garu
Glossary: Yukgaejang

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