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Food Notes 

This section is a work in progress

This section is a hodge-podge of notes on different aspects of cooking Korean meals. There are make ahead basics, pantry and equipment recommendations, charts for seafood sizes, thawing times and cooking temperatures, some cooking techniques and more to be found here. 

Food Notes: Basic Sauté
Food Notes: Meats
Food Notes: Blanching
Food Notes: Choganjang - A Korean Dipping Sauce
Food Notes: Gangjeong Syrup
Food Notes: Kitchen and Equipment
Food Notes: Preparing Certain Vegetables
Food Notes: Seafood Sizing Charts
Food Notes: Stir-Fry
Food Notes: Techniques and Methods
Food Notes: Flavored Vinegars
Food Notes: Yangnyeom Jang
Food Notes: Mepssal Garu - Rice four

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