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Soups and stews have been an integral part of Korean cuisine for perhaps thousands of years. 
They have been a way to stretch foods during lean times, an easy to eat food for those with dental problems, medicinal remedies, and as a dish that simply tastes good.
The soups may be simple affairs that only take minutes to prepare, or elaborate multi step concoctions that can take hours, or even days to prepare.

Did You Know

Guk is a thinner soup-like dish, while tang is somewhat thicker (somewhere between soup and stew) and jjigae is more comparable to a stew.

Koreans also believe that chicken soup is comforting, good for health, and a remedy for certain conditions.

Miyeok Guk, a seaweed and beef soup, is believed to be good for new mothers as the nutrients in the seaweed aid in recovery and in producing breast milk.

Haejangguk (Hang-over Soup) can be any of a number of soups that are eaten to relieve the after effects of consuming a bit too much alchohol.


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